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Fabien Collonge Fabien Collonge Fabien Collonge Fabien Collonge Fabien Collonge

"I work with the light, it is the rhythm of my days and is what gives each vine the energy to drink up the best of its terroir! "

Fabien Collonge

I was born in 1976 and I am part of the new generation of winemakers here in my region. I learned a lot from my parents and grandparents, but I have an open mind that allows me to take in the vineyard and the cellar work on a new level combining both traditional methods and new initiatives.

Being a young, I have a heart full of passion and drive with the idea of self-transcendence, which helps me in my day-to-day work. My job is both physically and mentally demanding and I am always questioning as I walk through the steep hills of my vineyard what I can do to adapt my manual work in the vines while also respecting the environment. In the cellar there is also a lot of thinking and a lot of adrenaline because to make great wines you have to keep tasting and perfecting, it is a crucial time, every time. I look too and depend on the expression of my terroir to create unique wines that are fun and enjoyable!

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Nouveau mode de conduite dans mes parcelles de vigne
Published on July 12 2013

Nouveau mode de conduite dans mes parcelles de vigne

Voici en image un début de modernisation de mon exploitation. Modification de taille, 1 rang sur 3 d'arraché, palissage avec 2 paires de fils releveurs, permettant de gagner en hauteur ... Read more

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